Building 9401 Army Dosimetry Laboratory at Camp Evans
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Building 9401
Army Dosimetry Laboratory at Camp Evans
1952 - 2001
Front view of Building 9401 known as "the Shield".  Dr. Kronenberg's office was in the right front corner of the building.  The tall structure on the right rear of the building originally housed a Van de Graaff machine.  After the machine was dismantled (it was subsequently donated to Rutgers University), the room housed a neutron generator.

Close up of the sign on the rail around the swimming pool.
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This page is dedicated to building 9401 which housed the Army Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory.
 The workplace of Dr. George Brucker and Dr. Stanley Kronenberg.
The building was demolished.  All photos supplied by Mr. Micharl Ruane, except where noted. Captions courtesy of Mr. Edward Groeber

Electronics Technician Joe Tomaini operates the controls of the Seifert industrial x-ray machine housed in the room in front of the control panel.  The door to the rear of the room on the right side of the picture is the lead lined door to the neutron generator room.  The control panel for the neutron generator is the rack to the left of the door.

The "swimming pool" that contained the 3500 Curie Co 60 source.  It was a welded stainless steel tank 20 feet deep filled with water to shield the gamma radiation.  When the source was installed in about 1973, it was 125,000 Curies.
Learn what was in the pool - Camp Evans radiates good will.  by John Harnes, Asbury Park Press
Details of the Cobalt-60 source removal in The Coast Star

Picture taken from "down range" in what was known as the "Isotope Room".  The two gray cylindrical housings on stands in the left background were AN/UDM-1A Cesium 137 calibration sources.  Each contained approximately 50 Curies of Cs 137.  The dark gray cylindrical housing in the center of the picture was an AN/UDM-1 Co 60 calibration source.  It contained approximately 1 Curie when this picture was taken.  The small blue device on the right side of the picture was a Cs 137 calibration source from J.L. Shepherd.

Photo courtesy of Mr. James Stigliano, Wall, NJ
View of the back wall of the underground vault that contained a 3000 Curie Co 60 source when it was first installed.  Dr. Kronenberg painted the mural on the wall in the 1950's.

View of the back wall of the underground vault through the Zinc Bromide window.

Physicist Ed Bechtel sits at the control panel for the Co 60 source.  He is looking through a glass window that is filled with Zinc Bromide.  It was constructed like an aquarium and was 48" thick.  The window was removed and re-furbished (taken apart, cleaned and re-filled with Zinc Bromide) in the late 1980s at a cost of $44,000.  Ed Bechtel is a Physics teacher at Middletown High School and worked with Dr. Kronenberg over the summers between classes.

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