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Camp Evans - NJ

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Our Mission

In 1993 the Department of Defense decided to close many military bases.  Camp Evans is one of them. The Wall Township committee formed the Marconi Park Complex Advisory Committee who recommend:
  • Preserving the heritage of the site including the historic Marconi station and major WWII radar laboratory buildings.
  • Developing an 'Information Age Learning Center' in the historic buildings to preserve that heritage.
  • Enable Brookdale Community College to develop an extension campus.
  • Use the remaining open areas of the Camp for passive and active township recreation.

We are using these historic, well-constructed buildings and beautiful site as a head-start. With this head-start we are doing what has been done in over 250 communities - creating a center for science and history.

We will continue to research the history, educate the public of its historic value and seek grants to rehabilitate the site for a compatible new use.

We are enabling a bunch a great groups who already have successful science education programs to reach more families and schools here. The membership fees, entrance fees, and special event fees will pay the costs to keep the site preserved for everyone's enjoyment.

The Mission details of how and why

(Our FAQ contains all of the information below on one long page)
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