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Building 9057 Gets a Coat of Paint / 2011-10-14

The New Jersey Historical Divers Association (NHDA) and the New Jersey Museum of Transportation, Inc. (NJMT) are sharing Building 9057 at InfoAge. Both are using the building as a temporary shelter for artifacts before they go on display or until a larger facility is available. Both groups are chipping in to cover the costs of maintaining the building to take the load off InfoAge. This means they are splitting the costs of paint, lumber, etc.

In the winter of 2011, members of both groups fabricated temporary "barn" doors for the building while storing pieces of the dilapidated doors so their parts can be copied for possible future restoration. In the fall of 2011, the groups assembled teams to paint the building a color that was specified by a historic architect working to establish an accurate color scheme for the wooden structures at InfoAge.

Below, you can see the temporary doors installed, and the paint going on the building.

Building 9057 gets new paint.Building 9057 gets new paint.

Next, the building has a fresh coat of paint that is historically accurate. Lastly, the ventilation tower also gets a fresh coat.

Building 9057 view from the Southeast side.Building 9057 view from the Southeast side. Building 9057 Ventilation Tower viewed from the West side.Building 9057 Ventilation Tower viewed from the West side.

On a walking tour of the former Camp Evans, visitors will now see how 9057 appeared during the historic WWII period. Once used as a generator building, it is being made ready for future adaptive reuse.

Both NJHDA and NJMT keep the weeds around the building clear. This makes grounds maintenance easier. InfoAge handled the new roof while NJHDA and NJMT handled the doors and paint. This is an excellent example of cooperation between InfoAge and its member organizations "partnering" for success.

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