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Space Sentry / 2005-04-13

Radiation Incorporated / Harris TLM-18

One of the items transferred to Wall Township with the property was the Radiation Incorporated TLM-18 telemetry antenna.   
This antenna is of a parabolic prime focus design, having a reflector 60 feet across.     The feed point mounting structure has been modified from the original design of 6 legs, to a modern design having 4 legs.

On April 13 2005, Harris Corporation made a substantial donation to begin the process to stabilize and preserve the massive antenna.   Efforts are underway to determine if the antenna can be restored to active use.

OMARC members are evaluating use of computer controlled, variable frequency AC drives to replace the orignal amplidyne drive system.   Solid-State power amplifiers have been built to allow operations at the ITU/FCC maximum power levels, along with a septum-type feed.



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