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Camp Evans - NJ

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Camp Evans Oral Histories


Camp Evans

Oral Histories

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This guide lists the numerous 'Oral Histories' related to Camp Evans.

NOTES: On the work of Roy A. Weagant  with special reference to the static eliminator.  Dictated to G. H. Clark  April, 1943  by Claire L. Farrand

An account from an interview of two radio and wireless pioneers of a memorable day at work in the Belmar Station, now called Camp Evans
To view Dr. Beverage's story of an incident at Belmar station with related 1914 photos click here.   They nearly killed a guy!

Complete interview:

Harold H. Beverage and H.O. Peterson, Electrical Engineers, an oral history conducted in 1968 and 1973 by Norval Dwyer, IEEE History Center, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA.  Link used with permission.

Mr. Howard Vollum, 1980 interview by the Oregon Historical Society.  Mr. Vollum worked at Camp Evans on radar development and helped to found the electronics firm Tektronix in 1946 after leaving Camp Evans. A portion of his interview is presented here with permission of the Oregon Historical Society.

Foster Merrill Dennis 1897-1979 AN AMERICAN YANKEE, Interviewer: Henry J. NahalDennis Foster worked at Camp Evans He developed the Flyback Transformer which made electronic color TV practical.  He was also part of a Camp Evans team that worked with Werner Von Braun and other captured German scientists.  The Camp Evans team was refining 'self-tracking' radar in December of 1947.


Professor Robert Johnson Jr's:
An Oral History of African-Americans and the Development of Radar Defense Technology at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey 1940-1959

Dr. Walter McAfee interview
Mr. Harold Tate interview
Mr. William J. Jones interview


Camp Evans Oral History Series

Commissioned by: Mr. Michael Ruane, Camp Evans Base Transition Coordinator, 1993-1998
Reviewed and summarized by: Mr. Irv Bauman.


Tape 7A: Mr. Albert Benoir
Tape 7B: Mr. Harold W. Fulton
Tape 8A: Mr. Ray  McKiran
Tape 8B: unidentified
Tape 9: Dr. Stanley Kronenberg and Dr. George Brucker
Tape 10: Mr. Felix Lavica
Tape 11: Mr. Theodore C.Viars
Tape 12: Drs. Stanley Kronenberg and George Brucker
Tape 13: Dr. Stanley Kronenberg
Tape 14: Mr. Samual Stine
Tape 15: Mr. Irving Bauman
Tape 16: Mr. Edward Groeber
Tape 17: Mr. Irving Bauman
Tape 18: Mr. Neil Wilson
Tape 19: On file Fort Monmouth Video Service
Tape 20: On file Fort Monmouth Video Service
Tape 21: On file Fort Monmouth Video Service
Tape 22: On file Fort Monmouth Video Service
Tape 23: Mr. Samual Stine
Tape 24: Dr. Stanley Kronenberg


Camp Evans Oral History Series by InfoAge Volunteers

Mr. Donald J. LeVine, P.E. - SCR-584 - AN/TRC-6 (email - complete text)

(Oral histories with links are summarized)
Mr. Merril Stoffer - Aircraft Warning Company - Pearl Harbor (audio)
Mr. Carl Accardo - Radition research at Camp Evans
Mr. Louis Smullin - MIT Radiation Laboratory - worked with Camp Evans engineers
Mr. Benard Martin - SCR-268 - Landed on D-Day - Temporarily and falsely suspended by McCarthy in 1950s (Audio)
Mr. Neil Wilson - Worked in Cold War Atomic test Listening post at Camp Evans (Audio)
Mr. Pete Kenedy - SCR-268 development and early space and satellite research
Mr. John Marchetti - Developer of first mortar counter-fire radar -Landed with radar on D-Day -  decorated by Britain and France
Mr. Stanley Mader - Camp Evans administration (Audio)
Mr. Donald Swingle - Weather radar laboratory (Audio)
Mr Jack Slattery - Original SCR-268 radar development team
Mr. Gilbert Cantor - SCR-268 - Project Diana - Interviewed by McCarthy, not suspended - Project Teapot
Mr. John C. Hansen - SCR-268 - Parts supply - Europe occupation - (text w photos)
Mr. E. King Stodola - SCR- 270 - Project Diana -

Page created August 31, 2002

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