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Dr. Walter S. McAfee / 1994 Interview

An Oral History of African-Americans
and the Development of Radar Defense Technology
at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey

These oral histories were funded in part by the New Jersey Historical Commission

Dr. Walter S. McAfee Physicist, Assistant Section Chief, Section Chief US Army Electronics Command

Interviewed: February 6, 1994 (c) copyright 1994 - 2001

Edited by: Robert Johnson, Jr. Associate Prof. of Communications Framingham State College, 100 State Street Framingham, MA 01701-9101

Dr. Walter S. McAfee wDaniels-1988-mcafeeDaniels-1988-mcafeeas born in 1914, in Ore City, Texas, a small town in Upshure County.  He was there until he was three months old, when his parents moved to Marshall.
 "Both my parents grew up on farms.  My dad's father was a CME minister and my dad went to Texas College, which was the CME school.  That is, he finished prep there -- that's what he always called it.  My mother was the daughter of a rather successful farmer who sent his kids to school.  In fact, my grandfather had a son who finished Bishop College with a Bachelor's Degree and then went to Chicago and got a medical degree and practiced medicine until he was about 88 years old."

"My mother finished normal at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, which was an elementary school teacher's degree.  They had to take tests in those days and they claim to have lost one of her test papers, so she never really taught, but she taught us.  In fact, all nine of us, and all nine of us went on to receive college training."

Dr. McAfee went to high school in Marshall where he graduated and took a second honors: "The man who taught me chemistry was an excellent teacher and he also taught me physics.  His name was Freeman Prince Hodge.  I sometimes become emotional when I think about him because when I was finishing high school my mother and father came to see the place and Hodge met them in the hallway.  He told them, 'I always refer to him as my 'intellectual giant.'  I'd never known that he had thought that much of me, except that I know that we were more than just a little friendly."

Dr. McAfee received a first year tuition scholarship to Wiley College, entering in September of 1930 and graduated in June of '34, Magna Cum Laude.  He remembers one teacher in particular: "I met a guy named Charles Anthony McCain who later taught both at Minor Teacher's College and Howard University in Washington, DC.  He taught me general physics and sophomore mechanics at Wiley College.  He was very instrumental in advising me when I first started taking physics as I was talking about taking engineering."  

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